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Our enthusiastic passengers better than ourselves, earnestly tell you their flying experience with AEROVOLARE Hot Air Balloon :

  • As soon as I stepped into the Aerovolare balloon I felt so comfortable! We had a quiet and smooth take-off, with a nice look at the lion de Waterloo. The landing was great, only a small bump and we were down. The weather was beautiful and our pilot, Jean, was also interesting and very strong on safety

    Katie & Joseph Griffin, from Waterloo

  • Myself and my friend Eleonor went on our flight last evening from Villers-la-ville, it was fantastic, really unbelievable, stunning, and our crew - very friendly - was great, explaining everything, it is an experience of a lifetime, and we would of course recommend it to everyone we know

    Karine Donovan, from Wezembeek

  • As it was in January, I just wanted to say a big thank as the weather conditions were almost perfect! The feeling of floating without any sound was a new experience, and patterns and colours of the landscape was full of wonder. I really enjoyed every minute of the getting ready, the flight and the packing up!

    Jim Johnston, from Overijse

  • Just want to thank you all - especially the chief of crew named Peter - for the terrific (!) experience, so breath taking! I would be much obliged if you could also pass on our thanks to Charles, our pilot, and his wife, whom both made our beautiful flight a unforgettable evening! We have told all our friends that it is a great experience with a wonderful crew, and we advise all to book a flight.

    Anne and David Doherty, from Brussels

  • Yesterday evening I fulfilled a dream and enjoyed the most wonderful experiences in my 60th year!! I experienced lift off! On my list to do, a trip on a hot air balloon was in the top 5! really a wonderful experience!

    Angela Cullenor, from Kraainem

  • Our balloon voyage was the unforgettable experience of calm, quietness and freedom, never to be forgotten. You and your very kind staff worked so hard to make the whole thing such a dream. The final touch: Champagne (we were on a "tradition" flight) was a touch of class! All the evening was brilliant, the weather fantastic and the Aerovolare company was inspiring!