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Your security

An altitude flight over Meuse river

The safety of our passengers and crew is our first priority. All of our decisions to fly or to postpone a flight will be based on whether that flight may be conducted safely. Our passenger safety briefing will provide you with all safety factors that we apply to each and every flight. 

Our safety briefing is designed to make certain that you are well prepared for the flight. For all Aerovolare balloon flights, all passengers and spectators present on the launch field must participate in the briefing. Please feel free to ask any question!

Are you anxious? For those of you who are quite timid about not having your feet on the ground, please feel secure: you will find the motionless flight of a balloon easier to accustom yourself to than in any other forms of flight. Why? The basket hangs in the air mass in which it is suspended, and do not flicker.

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